Alpha Jett
Vital statistics
Type Base
Location Airspace of Soloris
Inhabitants Mutant

The Alpha-Jett is the tree-fort/jet that the heroes of Soloris train and relax in.


The Alpha-Jett is the headquarters of HALO. The Alpha-Jett was constructed of Zitanium and used highly advanced Solorian technology, supplied by Wilson Industries. The Alpha Jett was designed by The Guardian and Agent Nine, and built from scratch by the Original HALO (Prometheus, Agent Nine, The Guardian, Archangel I and Scythe).

The Jett was later appropriated by the Solorian Government as the headquarters for the new HALO International.

Points of InterestEdit

These are the known rooms located in the Hall of Justice:

  • Ray City Lab.
  • HALO's combat training room
  • Robotics Lab
  • Main Conference/Meeting Room
  • The Trophy Room: Features weapons used by villains and heroes. All dismantled to prevent use by Scythe.
  • Biotech Lab
  • Storage Rooms 1-12
  • Teleporter to: (DOES NOT WORK IN REVERSE)
  • The Seventh Dimension


  • The Jett is disquised as a treehouse but transforms into a Jet at will.
  • The Jett is reinforced with blast resistant zitanium and 400-436 tons of titanium plates.
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